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Hot runner perfection made by Sweden in China. 

Our passion is hot runner solutions and we pride ourselves on simplicity whilst maintaining maximum performance, achieving modular perfection. 

Our Operation is set up according to international business standards with strict quality and management system as key ingredients. We have more than 30 years’ experience with Hot Runner Solutions. 

We supply standardised products or special hot runner solutions, hot half’s all up to your specific requirements.  All simulated in depth, if needed, by our global partners.  Our network has top of the line tech know-how.

Ceramic insulated, CE technology

HEATLOCK Hot Runners are known for their ceramic insulation, which insulates all the contact- and location-points from the mould. With our patented CE fix technology have we made ceramics even easier to use with increased sustainability

Service fanatics

Heatlock is a service company fanatic about customer care, we deliver hot runner solutions, your lean partner.

Global partners

Throughout our global network of partners, HEATLOCK guarantees high quality service no matter where your mould is produced or in production. You make your mould in China, Germany, Portugal, UK…….our Global Call service takes care of you.

Tech centre and spare part stock in;

China * Germany * US